InfoLock Password Manager

InfoLock Password Manager 1.0

Record and manage your personal passwords

Info-LOCK is a password manager with PIN protection and database encryption. Simple, intuitive and highly secure. Set type, icon, category, define fields’ label and lots of other features.

Features of the program include:

  • 512 bit encryption of all databases
  • PIN protection (up to 10 character, including numbers, “-“ or “.”)
  • Automatically exits the application and encrypts on wake up after a shutdown or auto-off
  • Define types and categories for your records, set icon for each type
  • Set different icons for entries of the same type
  • Set different labels for entries of the same type
  • Attach note to entry (also encrypted)
  • Randomly generate passwords or PINs:

  • Define length

  • Include numbers, Lower-case, Upper-case and “special characters” (#$%&?, etc)

  • Include scrambled word in your password

  • Include a pré-defined sequence of words (a name, date, number, etc) on your password, scrmbled in the rest of the randomly generated characters

  • Toggle sort entries database
  • Lookup function
  • Filter records by type, category, and lookup

InfoLock Password Manager


InfoLock Password Manager 1.0